Testimonials for Nutritional Support with Tara

Testimonials for Nutritional Support

I am a Holistic Nutritionist for those with mild to severe health issues, food restrictions, and using The Body Ecology Diet to heal … you can learn more about me here; I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you for being my Body Ecology Rockstar to look up to! HM, Randolph, VT

It’s an honor to write a testimonial for Tara who changes lives for the better. Her manner is supportive and gentle in meeting people where they are; allowing, supporting them to proceed on their schedule which takes ALL the pressure off and encourages me to slowly, at my own pace, incorporate health promoting eating habits. BC, Orlando, FL

Donna Gates exposed me to a whole new world and Tara helped me put everything in bite-sized pieces that could be woven into my busy life. GH, Ontario, CA

I want to schedule a Support Session for my yeast overgrowth to get creative ideas for diversifying meals. Friday is my self-care day and want to work with you as part of caring for myself. HL, NY, NY

When I first started B.E.D., I didn’t know where to begin. I felt overwhelmed with the pieces and principles to put together, esp. food combining! Tara broke everything down and made it doable for where I’m at in life. After four sessions I was steady on my feet and when I checked in at the two-month mark I was doing the diet AND traveling for business! ~ SK, Chapel Hill, NC

Tara’s amazing! When you don’t feel good or feel foggy, it helps to have someone shine a bright light 🌤 to get where we need to go. I tried 4 autism diets for my son and B.E.D. helped us thrive. K.M., Oregon (Method of Hope)

There was palpable excitement in your voice, as if you were a fountain overflowing with information and insight that extended far beyond the nutritional support I came looking for and into the realm of personal growth and transformation. This can be edgy terrain and you went there without reservation. ~ C.K. Cabot, VT

If you need nutritional support, I recommend a consult with Tara; I feel 100% refreshed and focused again. ~ SP, Laguna Beach, CA (Tiny Laguna)

I love your gentle approach, you’re an inspiration ❤️ ~ MM, Pittsburgh, PA (Prescription Foods)

I met Tara at Esalen. Seeing her way of eating and living was a huge impact and inspiration; in many ways marked the beginning of what I’ve done with my life. ~ JT, Providence, RI (Italian Grandmothers)

I’m grateful for Tara’s teachings and guidance. I admire and respect her commitment to help others make changes that allow for a better, happier life. ~ SM, Bogotá, Colombia

Tara’s consults are informative, like chatting over a cup of tea, and her words heartwarming. I feel safe and trust her; both important when making big life and diet changes. ~ KL, Tasmania, Australia

Tara, you are full of good information. As the saying goes “it’s only a one degree difference for water to boil”. I believe you are that degree that helps me stay on track. ~ S.C., Cleveland, OH

You are in good hands with Tara. ~ J.S. Worcester, VT.

I marvel at the emotional/spiritual healing I moved through to heal my gut. I’ve struggled with issues for YEARS and in a few weeks with Tara, I feel lighter and more present than ever. BU, Bethel, VT (Soul Shaker Coach, Be Seen)

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