B.E.D. Nutritional Support

B.E.D. Nutritional Support

The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) is a personal challenge and while the 1st stage is time-consuming, it’s also rewarding as you food combine, make coconut kefir, and colon cleanse. This is a lot to take on!

Thankfully, taking on much of anything all at once is not the name of the B.E.D. game; rather go slow …. like a turtle, step-by-step. This is what Donna, the founder of B.E.D., recommends and I’m here to help you do just this 🙂

I know how beneficial this diet can be once you move through the steep learning curve. I am here to support you in customizing this way of eating to meet your dietary and health needs; to remind you to go slow and share bite-sized ideas to set your mind at ease. To help with questions on detox, constipation, and being pregnant on the diet …. and my favorite, to make meals even the pickiest eater will eat.

I am a certified Holistic Nutritionist and diligently practiced this diet every day to heal a stubborn case of yeast overgrowth that took me three years to turnaround. My boys, ages 2 and 7, also ate this way and we have all came a long ways in our bellies!! As a family, we continue to make unsalted cultured vegetables and practice food combining 💜 

DO you have a child in need of diet changes? ask for support on his or her behalf ….

B.E.D. Support (60 minutes, $45) for questions on detox, food combining, meal planning, pregnancy, breastfeeding, picky eaters, food sensitivities, constipation, etc. Half hour sessions available. 

Start-Ups (75″ intake + two 60″ follow-ups for $300) for customized support with in-depth review of health and dietary needs. You receive a food journal to fill out plus handouts and a summary of recommendations made during our time together. Start-Ups are designed to get you firm on your feet as you step into the B.E.D. way of eating and living. Book here (coming soon). 

Healing Meal Plans ($125 for 5-day/$150 for 7-day): I’ve been creating meal plans since 1999 and love coming up with something that can be used week after week in a variety of new ways. A menu plan makes life easier!! Especially during those initial weeks on the diet. Lighten your load with this valuable tool …. many recipes included.

You are in good hands with Tara. J.S. Worcester, VT

Tara is full of good info. As the saying goes “it’s only a one degree difference for water to boil”, I believe she’s that degree that helps me stay on track. S.C. Cleveland, OH

I want to schedule a B.E.D. Support session to get creative ideas for meals. Friday is self-care day and I want to work with you as part of caring for myself. HL, NY


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