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Testimonials for Body Ecology Support

It’s an honor to write a testimonial for Tara who changes lives for the better. Her manner is supportive and gentle in meeting people where they are; allowing and supporting them to proceed at their own schedule which takes ALL the pressure off and encourages me to slowly, at my own pace, incorporate health promoting eating habits. B.C., Orlando, FL

I met with Tara to create a meal plan we could eat for days AND one that’s good for our bellies! ~ PH, San Diego, CA 

Tara customized a meal plan I could use while on The Body Ecology Diet to heal my thyroid and avoid surgery. I was confused by how to do the diet with my food sensitivities. Tara simplified everything; giving attention to foods that trigger the thyroid. I followed her suggestions and didn’t have my thyroid removed. ~ G.P., Perth, Australia

I know how overwhelming it can be to start B.E.D. You are in good hands with Tara, she helped my family navigate this path too. J.S., Worcester, VT.

I discovered B.E.D. at a time when I was stuck in a relationship that didn’t feel good. Stuck in a body that didn’t feel good. I’d spent years struggling with health and versions of disordered eating. I was 100 lbs overweight, my joints hurt, exhausted, and hopelessly weak constitution; something I feared would last my whole life. I was 23 read more. H.L. NY, NY

Can I say, wow, the food is amazing!! ~ P.K., Austin, TX

Thank you for helping us sort out the food stuff going on in our house. We love your waffle recipe! Changing to a new diet is a lot and when I got on the phone with you I felt scrambled and overwhelmed. When I hung up, I felt lighter and knew I could do this. ~ S.D., Baltimore, MD (mom of 3-1 with autism + gf husband)

Tara’s amazing! When you don’t feel good or feel foggy, it helps to have someone shine a bright light 🌤 so we can get where we need to go. I’ve tried 4 autism diets for my son and B.E.D. has helped us thrive. K.M., Oregon (Method of Hope)

I made the mini sorghum pops with ghee…oh my goodness, yummy!! I’ll never eat popcorn again. I can’t thank you enough. I’m starting to make recipes from my 7-day meal plan like the lemon pie. So simple! I’m in great hands. I can’t wait to go full steam and have more consults in the future. I can’t thank you enough. I knew my life would improve since I found you. ~ B.C., Orlando, FL

I’ve struggled with diabetes and endometriosis for many years. Within 9 weeks of Tara’s support, I started B.E.D., lost 5 lbs, and knew how to move forward to feel better. S.L., Dartmouth, NH

I’m excited to be making unsalted probiotic food. This part of B.E.D was hardest for me, but I did it with your help! These foods are infusing my body and I feel sparkly! ~ B.U., Bethel, VT

Our weekly meal plan was absolute in my book, I couldn’t have done without one. ~ L.H., Sydney, Australia

Tara helped when I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I had GBS+ with my last baby and didn’t want antibiotics this time. I booked a Start-Up to navigate diet changes safely during pregnancy and Tara designed a menu plan that took into consideration the rest of my family’s dietary needs. I followed her suggestions and gave birth with no antibiotics. We still use the recipes regularly and they’re delicious. ~ S.H., Syracuse, NY

I marvel at the emotional/spiritual healing I’m moving through working with Tara to heal my gut and make unsalted probiotic food. I’ve struggled with these issues for YEARS and in a few weeks, I feel lighter and more present than ever. B.U., Bethel, VT (Soul Shaker Coach, Be Seen)

B.E.D. Support with Tara, NC.

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