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Testimonials for Customized Healing Meal Plans

Tara customized a meal plan I could use while on The Body Ecology Diet to heal my thyroid and avoid surgery. I was confused by how to do the diet with my food sensitivities. Tara simplified everything; giving attention to foods that trigger the thyroid. I followed her suggestions and didn’t have my thyroid removed. ~ G.P., Perth, Australia

Tara created a meal plan we could eat for days AND one that is good for our bellies! ~ PH, San Diego, CA 

Thank you for helping us sort out the food stuff going on in our house. We love your waffle recipe! Changing to a new diet is a lot and when I got on the phone with you I felt scrambled and overwhelmed. When I hung up, I felt lighter and knew I could do this. ~ S.D., Baltimore, MD (mom of 3 – 1 with autism + a gluten-free husband)

Our weekly plan was absolute in my book, I couldn’t have done without one. ~ L.H., Sydney, Australia

I made the mini sorghum pops with ghee…oh my goodness, yummy!! I’ll never eat popcorn again. I can’t thank you enough. I’m starting to make recipes from my 7-day meal plan like the lemon pie. So simple! I’m in great hands. I can’t wait to go full steam and have more consults in the future. I can’t thank you enough. I knew my life would improve since I found you. ~ B.C., Orlando, FL

I highly recommend Tara, especially if you feel daunted about going gluten/dairy free. Her recipes make it really doable. ~ R.E., Montpelier, VT.

I’m excited to be making unsalted probiotic food. This part of B.E.D was hardest for me, but I did it with your help! These foods are infusing my body and I feel sparkly! ~ B.U., Bethel, VT

Can I say, wow, the food is amazing!! ~ P.K., Austin, TX

I struggled with diabetes/endometriosis for years. In 9 weeks, with Tara’s nutritional support and a meal plan, I started B.E.D., lost 5lbs, and know how to move forward to feel better. ~ S.L., Dartmouth, NH

Best of all, her dishes don’t leave me bloated like a lot of food. ~ L.F., Stowe, VT

Tara helped when I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I had GBS+ with my last baby and didn’t want antibiotics this time. I booked a Start-Up to navigate diet changes safely during pregnancy and Tara designed a menu plan that took into consideration the rest of my family’s dietary needs. I followed her suggestions and gave birth with no antibiotics. We still use the recipes regularly and they’re delicious. ~ S.H., Syracuse, NY

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