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You are in Control ~ A Spirit Writing

This spirit writing came while I was traveling on my own up the coast of northern Maine. When I solo travel I don’t tend to have a destination nor do I know what I will find along the way. This time I stopped to sleep at Wolfe’s Neck Campground and was sitting in my tent overlooking Casco bay when the back of my head began to buzz and I heard the 1st lines of a writing. Here’s what came through… 

Life is not about living in one way or another way. Life is about living life in the only way that feels good and true for you to live. To do so, you must breathe your way through each moment and listen acutely with each of your God given senses.

When you begin to feel that your way is the only right way or their way is the best way than we have nearly done and lost you. So stay put. You are where you are for plenty of good reasons. You are going to go where you are going because of each and every choice you are making along the way. So, breathe in good and deep and you will always, we promise you, always know in your heart where you are to be and where you are to go.

Life really is that simple. You can hit ‘cruise control’ to get where you are going but we aren’t going there with you. We are going to sit right here and wait for your soul’s return into your physical body. You are made up of body, part mind, and all soul. Every last drop of you. Pure soul. Once you wake up there’s only one way to go. And that’s home. That’s where you know you are going, but in order to get there you must do all you need to do right where you bloody do stand. No if or whats about it.

Breathe out and wait for your next move to arrive. And when it does you will slide forward never backward for you are living your life of evolvement from one stage to another. One step, one breath at a time. Look to far ahead and you will worry you see. You will become anxious. You might even feel that you have lost your way. No, you have not. You have vision even when you do not. You always know your next move by the way it makes you feel. Turning right or left. Going up or down. Saying yes or saying no. These are choices that you make each and every day and every moment and herein lies the simplicity of free will and right choice. 

Choose wisely by taking a nice deep breath and then letting go. Being here now with the best of us. No more worry or strife or oh no I didn’t do that right. You are doing the best you can. The best part is that jumping back in the game of your life is as simple as putting your foot back on the gas pedal and releasing the car from ‘cruise control’. 

You are in control. You are driving this vehicle. Not a brainless, heartless machine, but you ~ a human being with much heart, and soul to shine the light forward, shining your way home.

Welcome back.

Written through Tara on October 22, 2017

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