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Lazy Guy’s Mayo – My Husband’s Recipe

This is my husband’s take on making mayonnaise. Before he walked into my life I’d been making my own version of homemade mayo with little to no success. It was either too runny or too bland without much flavor. Into the kitchen he came and without further ado blended the perfect concoction you see here.

We go through a jar a week. Slathering it atop amaranth tortillas or dipping with chunks of roasted meat. My youngest dollops it on anything he has on his plate and I’m a sucker for using it to make deviled eggs. Any artichoke fans out there? This mayo mixed with pesto is a sauce to bathe your heart in! Or toss with blanched green cabbage for an easy-to-digest cole slaw. If you can’t eat eggs, try this almond mayo.

Absolutely delicious and one more reason for me to find my husband and give him a kiss 😚

Lazy Guy’s Mayo


2 eggs, pasture-raised

2 Tbsp. mustard (we like Eden Foods)

1/2 tsp. sea salt

1 to 1 1/2 cups olive oil


  1. Put the eggs, mustard, and sea salt into the blender and blend together.
  2. Slowly increase the speed while you add the oil in a drizzle like fashion ~ nice and slow.
  3. Increase speed again until at high speed and the ingredients have formed a thick and creamy mayonnaise.
  4. You’ll know it is done when a hole forms in the middle and the beater no longer causes things to move about. 

Tips and tricks

  • We use a VitaMix, so you may need to adjust speed if using a different blender, alternatively I’ve been told that ‘wand blenders’ work beautifully with a tall glass measuring cup or Mason jar and clean up is easier 😉 
  • Substitute other oils if you do not tolerate or like the strong taste of olive oil. We have tried avocado oil to make this recipe and it does not work well. I’ve used flax oil; which works great but boy that’s expensive mayo!
  • Parsley mayo…add a handful of it in there and watch that pale green color light up your senses!
  • One trick I learned from Sally Fallon is to add in a tablespoon of whey and leave the covered jar of mayo at room temperature for 7 hrs. before refrigerating. This extra step gives a nutrient boost in the right direction; adding in valuable enzymes to aid in the digestion of fats and also helping to keep the mayo fresh for a longer period of time (several months). Without whey, mayo will keep for 2 weeks.
  • Make gravy by adding 2 Tbsp. homemade mayo to 1 cup of meat stock and heat gently for a couple of minutes, stirring constantly.
  • This is a safe and delicious recipe for stage 1 of The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.)


1 Fallon, S. (2001). Nourishing Traditions. Washington, DC: New Trends Publishing, Inc.

Almond Mayonnaise (egg-free)

Zucchini Frittatas (gluten/dairy free)

B.E.D. Nutritional Support (via phone or Skype)

May all bellies be happy!

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