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Man Food on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.)

This is for all the ladies on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) who would like to help their man be on the diet. Perhaps they have a health issue that you are hoping they will address or maybe they are self-motivated to eat according to stage 1 and you are the cook of the house and want to make him food that qualifies. Either way, I have listed below some ‘man food’ ideas along with my own personal account of cooking for my man 😉 

When I started B.E.D. I was a single mom focused on getting my health back after being diagnosed with systemic yeast overgrowth. A year into the diet I met Tomas, who is now my husband. He walked into my life with reason enough to believe that getting on the diet himself wasn’t a bad idea and so he did. I went from making small portions of food for myself and my boys to cooking feast after feast for a man who was hungry day and night. I learned as I went and was encouraged by Tomas’ desire to get healthy and clean up certain areas of his life – mainly to stop smoking and get his oral health in shape. Interestingly, we had both trained in macrobiotic cooking and were quite a team in the kitchen. I almost want to say that we danced in there. If I cooked, he washed dishes and vice versa. 

9 out of 10 though, I was doing the daily food prep and keeping the wheel moving. Soaking grain, making cultured veggies, cracking coconuts for yck, preparing waffle batter was on my shoulders. This period of learning definitely ground in the reality of the diet and my ability to be present with my kids who were also eating the food I made. If nothing else my ability to menu plan was kicked up a notch. I have been married to Tomas for 5 years now and I still cook for him and most days love doing so. 

Here are a few things that I have noticed…

  • Men eat more food
  • Men often do more physical labor
  • Men like food salty
  • Men like BIG food – think dripping and cheeseburgers, sandwiches, pizza slices
  • Men like sweet stuff
  • Men like fried stuff 
  • Men like flavor
  • Men like more meat and grain on the plate
  • Men don’t seem as interested in healing themselves

Sound like any man you know? I don’t want to get too detailed as much of the above is generalized. Yet, I think that most would agree that men are inherently more masculine than women and need more minerals, more salt, more flavor. Energetically they tend to extend themselves outwards to the world and push out a lot of energy and force. They tend to have a higher metabolism. Not always of course but often. If your man is sedentary much of the day than you are looking at a different picture.

I will speak for myself here instead of generalizing…my man is 6 feet tall and works as an engineer and building contractor. He’s on his feet for most of the day measuring this or lifting that. He is busy. When he comes home he sits at his computer and designs, orders materials, vegges out. This is his rhythm.

Your man’s rhythm will play a part in what kind of food his body needs. Does he have a health issue to factor in? My husband didn’t have anything serious. His kidneys needed extra attention and he struggled with halitosis and gaining weight. In this light, you can customize how you cook depending on your man’s age, size, taste buds, health issues, etc. Overall, I find that men want food that is on the salty and sweet side and lots of it.

Listen to your man, observe him. Listen to yourself as you move forward on the diet. That’s step one. Then act accordingly while you keep on living life and finding love. A gut healing protocol, like B.E.D., isn’t meant to rule your life or define who you are; rather I see it as a holistic way of eating that can enhance life. Take your time to weave in the 7 traditional principles that Donna Gates, author of The Body Ecology Diet, has so carefully laid out for us to follow. Let them be your street signs when you are unsure as to where to go, otherwise live your life to the fullest.

Here are a few tasty ‘man food’ ideas to get your man salivating for more 💋

Note: Serve the above with plenty of vegetables, including a scoop of unsalted cultured veggies

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A word of thanks to my husband, who loves me enough to let me write about him for others to glean from xox This blog post contains affiliate links, you can read here to learn more.

May all bellies be happy!

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